About Us

 Our Story

As a mom of two, I quickly realized that the Carter's of the world just weren't for me. While I love getting good deals on my children's clothing, I prefer to support small businesses while getting my littles unique, trendy and well-made clothing in a way only boutiques can offer. Taking that idea along with my fashion merchandising degree, sales and buying experiences, and the love of my children, Pen + Nash Co. was born.


Why shop Pen + Nash Co?   We take pride in our thoughtfully curated collection of beautiful items. We go through the tedious process of searching out beautiful high quality & unique items that will not disappoint, some of which are handmade by Mama's here in the United States. We make an extra effort to only sell items that we absolutely love. Pen + Nash Co. is also dedicated to giving our customers an outstanding shopping experience with the satisfaction of getting exactly what they wanted. We take pride in our customer service and aim to respond to any questions or concerns as quickly as possible.


Pen + Nash Co. are products made from Momma's, sold by Momma's, and bought by Momma's (and Daddy's & other loved ones) all for little ones in mind. If this Momma wouldn't buy it for her little ones, it's not good enough for your little ones. Simple as that.